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Look before you leap into the new macOS Catalina.

Nov 7th 2019

Look before you leap into the new macOS Catalina.

macOs Mojave is the last Mac operating system to support 32-bit applications. The new macOs Catalina does not support 32-bit applications.

What does this mean for you? If you have an older Mac OS and you update to Catalina then some of your applications may no longer work after the updatee. The most common incompatible applications would include Microsoft Office 2011 and prior versions. Almost all Adobe products contain some type of 32-bit components and although there are workarounds in some cases, old versions of 32-bit Photoshop and Creative Cloud suites will not install and activate.

What can you do? Simply put, plan ahead. If you do not want to update to macOs Catalina, then check your update settings and be sure that they are set to manual updates only.

If you do want to update to macOS Catalina, then be prepared to upgrade and pay for the latest versions of your software, like Office 365 for example.

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